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the R&D lab in Midad is one of the unique labs of chemical industry in Syria, and it’s one of the main activities that helps reaching the vision of Midad, it’s a gate for Midad to widen its opportunities of interring new markets and gaining more customer loyalty. 

Having an R&D lab in Midad has reflected on the outcome in many ways
  • Reducing cost
  • Improving the quality of products
  • Flexibility to meet the expectations of our customers
  • Finding better and new resources of raw materials. 
It also gave Midad the chance to expand its activities by interring the 

  • Micro

  • Midaflex

  • Midacure UV Inks

  • Midacure UV Inks

  • Midacure UV Inks


  • floor coatings

  • metal

  • Midacure® UV inks 10