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With a very humble resources and huge ambition, we have entered the ink world through the Offset inks gate by a joint venture with a  reputable European company.

Mixing the ingredients of continues learning, innovation, hard working, and passion we excelled the printing inks ingredients to expand our products from Offset inks to UV inks & Varnishes, Packaging liquid inks and Can coatings, and here you’ll have the story:
1994: Midad was founded in Syria by a joint venture agreement with the British Company (EPI) for producing sheet-fed offset inks.
1997: Midad pioneered the trend of  manufacturing  and marketing  the UV products in Syria to achieve  the self containing to the Syrian market for UV OPV.
2000: The Flexographic water based inks was our next step to widen our products range.          
2005: Our journey of growth continued, & expansion has forced the movement to a new location that avails quick improvement, much better capacity to reach         
           20000 metric tons annually, with a new line for producing liquid inks “Packaging gravure and Flexo inks” 
2006: We established the R&D lab to keep up with the state of the art technology in our business, and keep searching for the best raw materials resources that 
           insure the best quality at the best prices, which positively reflects on the quality and price of our products for the customers benefit
2008: We launched the Can Coatings production line.
2010: The commercial branch of Midad  “Al Baraka “ was borne to afford the best aid to a wider range of our customers of Solvents and thinners amongst  .  
           many other chemicals. In the same year and in order to assure our customers the well known stability we earned ISO 9001 certificate
2011:Midad completed the production of the whole range of three pieces can coatings products.

  • Midaflex

  • Midacure UV Inks


  • Midacure UV Inks

  • Midacure® UV inks 10

  • Midacure UV Inks


  • metal

  • floor coatings

  • Micro